Interested In Sigma Alpha Epsilon?

So you’re interested in Sigma Alpha Epsilon? That’s great!

By taking the step of rushing a fraternity, you are putting yourself on track for a experience like no other, not only for your time at college, but the rest of your life as well!

Every semester we hold recruitment for prospective members, also referred to as rushing. We will host a week of fun events so that you can meet our current brothers, get to know them, and see if Sigma Alpha Epsilon is right for you!

If you were unable to rush with us, we also hold 365 recruitment. If interested, please reach out to any brother and they will help you take the next step, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Fraternity’s mission is advancing the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for our members throughout life.


By joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon, you will find that the bonds that are found in friendship are important to every single brother.

With over fifty men in our chapter, you’ll quickly find out that you’ll never be alone during your time in college. There will always be someone there for you to talk to when times get hard, hang out with and have fun, help study for that difficult exam, or just grab a bite to eat!


Even though you’re looking to join a fraternity, it’s important to remember that you at UCCS first and foremost to learn.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon puts an emphasis on the scholarship of it’s members, requiring a 2.5 GPA in order to be in good standing with the fraternity. Should you struggle, your brothers will be there to help you! We frequently host study sessions and study groups to help members, and in many cases, you’ll find a brother that shares your major who will be more than willing to assist you at your time in college.

In addition, we provide our own membership education to help develop each brother. Through member education, brothers will learn invaluable knowledge and lessons that they can apply to their lives, even after graduation!


Sigma Alpha Epsilon provides unique leadership experiences for every brother to help develop them into True Gentleman.

On a local level, the chapter elects members to it’s Executive Board. These men work together to ensure that the fraternity operates in the smoothest way possible. We also elect members to hold positions as the heads of various aspects of our fraternity. Some examples include:

Eminent Chronicler – A brother holding this position will take photos and record the history of the chapter.

Intramural Chair – A brother holding this position will help set up and facilitate teams for the various intramural sports that are offered at UCCS.

We have positions available for members of all interests and hobbies. If you happen to enjoy music, you could become our Songmaster. Similarly, if you are a graphic designer, you could become the T-Shirt chair and design awesome threads for our fraternity.

Nationally, Sigma Alpha Epsilon holds several leadership conferences for members. Some of these conferences include the Levere Leadership Institute and the John O. Moseley Leadership School. These conferences give invaluable leadership experience to members as well as some unforgettable memories with brothers from across the entire nation.


Our Values

As a prospective member, the first thing you need to know about Sigma Alpha Epsilon is our creed, “The True Gentleman.”

“The True Gentleman” was written by John Walter Wayland. Wayland submitted the piece to The Baltimore Sun as a submission for a contest that sought out the best definition of a true gentleman. Later, John Moseley would use it in SAE leadership schools during the 1930’s. It was eventually adopted by the fraternity as the creed that all brothers agree to live their lives by.

For prospective members, it is important to understand “The True Gentleman” and it’s meaning to the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. It is also important to know that when we recruit, we seek out men who truly exemplify the principles and ideals set forth in “The True Gentleman.”

When you read it, try to find a sentence or two that really speaks out to you. After finding those words, try to find out how and why they speak to you and apply those words to your every day life.

We also require all new members to memorize and recite “The True Gentleman.” You can get started by reading it below.



What Is Hazing? 

According to Wikipedia, hazing is “the practice of rituals, challenges, and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group”.

Will I Be Hazed If I Join SAE?

No. Sigma Alpha Epsilon takes a very serious anti-hazing stance and provides education to new and old members in order to prevent it. The Colorado Phi Chapter takes pride in being haze-free.

Will Joining SAE Be Like “Neighbors” or “Animal House”?

The “frat life” that is portrayed in the movies and on television couldn’t be further from what it means to be a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. While being a member in a fraternity can be a lot of fun at times, we are first and foremost a brotherhood of men who strive to live their lives according to the principles and ideals set forth in “The True Gentleman.”

Does SAE Cost Money? Where Does That Money Go?

Joining any fraternity will come with a financial obligation, also known by members as dues. Every member in Sigma Alpha Epsilon pays dues to the fraternity. These dues are paid to the national organization, as well as used locally by the chapter.

The chapter uses its funds for retreats, member education, philanthropic causes, campus and community social, and much more!

Will Joining SAE Affect My Academics?

Whether or not academics are affected by joining a fraternity is entirely dependent on the individual.

We currently require a 2.5 GPA from all members in order to be in good standing with the chapter. With proper time management and good study habits, joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon should not affect your academics. However, should your grades suffer while a member of the fraternity, we will work with members to ensure that their academics get back on the right track by holding group study halls and study sessions to help keep brothers accountable for their education.